Apparatus *

My latest series of works is strongly influenced by the death of my friend and fellow sculptor Cappy Jack at the beginning of 2020. In one of our last correspondences he informed me that he wanted to leave me his tools and materials. In the days after his death and through working with his materials, I became more and more aware of the special narrative that was created by the objects he collected in his life, many brought from the US, his home country. In the beginning it was difficult to work with the material because these objects are full of memories and stories. But once I managed it was valuable because I learned more about him and got to know him better. Thus the tools became more than a tools, but a way to be connected with him and to experience his connection with the world.

In this series I investigate the experience of humanity. Many people struggle to get to grips with today’s changing world. There is insecurity, anger, ignorance and fear. But there is also room for change, hope, new insights and, above all, a reappraisal of everything that gives our humanity value.

In the works this emerges in the form of a search for the right tools to influence life and to find balance in a time characterized by digitization and literal distance from each other. Old and oxidized materials and objects are accompanied by polished and colorful accents. Tools reappear as alienating objects that transcend their function. Some works tell a whole story, where the viewer’s gaze determines what the message is.

* the technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose.

For the exhibition Apparatus that was hosted by Kasteel Geldrop from 01-11-2020 till 20-12-2020 I made a book. View it here. (Translation of materials used on page 36)


Apparatus V, 2020. Steel, lacquer, magnets.


Apparatus IV, 2020. Steel, lacquer, wood, lead.


Apparatus III, 2020. Steel, brass, oxide.


Apparatus II, 2020. Steel, wood, copper, magnets.


Apparatus I, 2020. Zinc, copper, pyrite.


Apparatus VI, 2020. Steel, copper, paint, lacquer, lead.


Apparatus XXIV, 2021. Steel, wood, copper, magnets.


Apparatus XXV, 2021. Brass, wood, copper, magnets, steel.


Apparatus XXVI, 2021. Brass, copper, aluminum.



* the technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose


Voor de expositie Apparatus in Kasteel Geldrop van 01-11-2020 tot 20-12-2020 heb ik een boekje gemaakt. Dat is hier te bezichtigen.


Apparatus V, 2020. Staal, lak.


Apparatus IV, 2020. Staal, lak, hout, lood.


Apparatus III, 2020. Staal, messing, oxidevorming.


Apparatus II, 2020. Staal, buxushout, koper, magneten.


Apparatus I, 2020. Zink, koper, pyriet.


Apparatus VI, 2020. Staal, koper, verf, lak, lood.


Apparatus XXIV, 2021. Staal, messing, magneten, hout.


Apparatus XXV, 2021. Messing, bladgoud, hout, staal, magneten, glas.


Apparatus XXVI, 2021. Koper, messing, aluminium.